ATek Automation-Nexus Controller

Boss Tables proudly announces its partnership with ATek Automation! The Nexus controller is a versatile industrial solution by ATek Automation. Therefore, designed for customers in both light and heavy industrial sectors. This Windows-based system integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment and CAD suite. Each Nexus controller is equipped with two licenses: one installed on the machine and another external one, enhancing both flexibility and efficiency.






A standout feature of the Nexus is its ability to operate simultaneously with cutting processes. Users can nest and prepare for the next job while the current one is still running. Nexus offers robust features, including auto nesting, manual nesting, and the ability to fix broken lines and overlapping issues. It allows users to save projects, cut, and nest simultaneously, thereby maximizing productivity.


The controller includes an extensive auto parts library. Users can create a custom shape library for parts that are similar but vary in dimensions, which can be modified and used in future projects. Nexus also supports drawing custom parts from scratch and saving them for later use. Furthermore, users can import SVG images to make custom artwork. Advanced scanning and photographing capabilities further enhance the production process and allows duplication of industrial parts. The full CAD suite includes a 3D part viewer, bulk imports, and part counting, ensuring it is a high-volume production machine.


In CAM functionality, the Nexus offers numerous advantages such as plate skewing, rotation, consumable projections, selectable start corners, lead-ins, and lead-outs. It also provides the ability to save remnants and crop lines. Users can load and utilize remnants later, optimizing the use of scrap material. Moreover, the global rules modification across the entire plate streamlines production and reduces downtime. The system also offers tool data tracking, including pierce and cut times, along with an estimated runtime, providing precise control over the manufacturing process.


In the CNC segment, Nexus allows operators to skip parts, jump to specific components, or auto-complete sections, facilitating urgent job requirements. Features like laser alignment and the option to integrate a remote camera bolster precision and support capabilities. Motion is created by true AC servo drives and motors, with an option to upgrade to Yaskawa servo controls. The machine consistently operates under the control of a true closed-loop system.

Finally, partnering with ATek enables compatibility with leading machine lines such as the full line of Hypertherm plasma units, including XPR and HPR, and the Smart Focus series from Kjellberg, supporting multi-headed oxyfuel cutting and the option of bevel cutting.

For more information about ATek Automation and the Nexus controller, give us a call today!

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