The HALO is included on the MVP and WHC models, with the option to add it to the Downdraft table.

The Boss Table offers ease of use and CAD software compatibility. Whether you prefer 3D or 2D programs, simply design your part and export it as a DXF file. This file serves as the precise outline for cutting, ensuring accuracy in production.

When it comes to CNC operations, the HALO CNC system and controller are the true Boss. This all-in-one system empowers you to handle CAD (drawing), CAM (process planning), and control (operation) seamlessly, all from the Boss Tables computer stand. But the real advantage is the convenience of designing and generating cut files from your desk or even your couch.

Writing G Code manually is an option, but HALO, when coupled with SheetCam, can efficiently do it for you. Just import your CAD design, nest and arrange parts as needed. SheetCam streamlines the process, providing cut paths, hole mapping, and even marking for bend lines or drill and tap operations. HALO provides the necessary tools for SheetCam, accommodating various materials and thicknesses.

Applying rules like lead-ins, lead-outs, and offsets is straightforward. Specify your material type and thickness, and SheetCam generates the cut path with precise parameters. Then, take the file to your machine, and you’re ready to cut your parts with precision.

The HALO system offers a user-friendly cutting interface that’s truly Boss-level. It operates on a Linux-based platform known for stability and resistance to electronic interference during plasma cutting. The system boasts advanced features like Velocity Anti-Dive (VAD) and Digital Torch Height Control (DTHC) to ensure consistent, clean cuts. DTHC monitors and adjusts the torch height in real-time, guaranteeing dross-free results.

Safety and precision are paramount with HALO. The collision sensors and arc monitoring systems ensure fail-safe production. If a collision occurs, the sensor stops the cut by detaching the torch mount. Arc monitoring checks for proper conditions before starting and throughout the cut, maintaining a Boss-level standard of accuracy.

Lead-ins and lead-outs facilitate a smooth start and finish for your cuts, enhancing overall precision. While the process may seem intimidating at first, it becomes second nature, much like learning to drive. Before you know it, you’ll be effortlessly designing and cutting parts, leaving your peers in awe of your CNC expertise. Working with HALO CNC system is not magic; it’s the representation of efficient and cost-effective manufacturing in action.


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