Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology has been utilized in various types of machines in recent years, including plasma cutting machines. This technology enables great control, precision, and accuracy when making material cuts. Plasma cutting is one of the most common processes used to cut thick metal plates. However, it is also used to cut sheet metal. At Boss Tables, we are your source for multiple CNC table plasma cutting machine options.

With a CNC plasma cutting machine, the operator can cut through various materials which are electrically conductive through the use of a computer which controls and directs a plasma torch across the material to be cut. The materials which may be cut with plasma cutters include steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and others. A plasma CNC machine for sale may be used at various sites, including welding and fabrication shops, construction and industrial sites, auto repair and restoration shops, and salvage operation sites.

CNC plasma cutting machines are run by computers and are capable of operating a high-definition plasma torch in pre-determined directions through pre-programmed numerical coding. The operation of the plasma cutting machine involves the forcing of compressed air or gas through a nozzle at high speed. The gas contacts an electric arc which produces the plasma. The plasma is applied to the metal and due to the high temperature, melts it. Simultaneously, the high-speed gases blow the molten metal away from the piece.

CNC plasma cutting machines come with various functionalities and in different sizes. They are priced according to these and other features. These machines are exceptionally accurate and can cut through metals at very high speeds – hundreds of inches per minute. The type of gas used in a plasma CNC Table plasma cutting machine may vary based on the material being cut.

The CNC plasma cutter is truly a workhorse for many construction and manufacturing applications.

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