Many businesses that work with metal in various ways, whether in the form of fabricating or manufacturing, can benefit from the use of an affordable CNC plasma cutting table. At Boss Tables, we offer various CNC plasma cutting table options that provide the exceptional cutting results required in various industries and applications. As a trusted source among CNC plasma table manufacturers, we offer exceptional quality CNC plasma cutting equipment for your industrial requirements.

Some of the reasons why a CNC plasma cutting machine is good investment include:

Many plasma cutting tables have the ability to cut materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals – up to 1.5 inches thick. The power of these cutting machines can help you quickly handle challenging cutting projects.

An affordable CNC plasma cutting table allows for cuts that are more precise and smoother than many cuts possible through other conventional or hand operated machines.

The efficiency of CNC plasma cutting tables is exceptional, with some machines having the ability to cut at a rate up to 200 inches per minute.

These cutting tables come in multiple sizes. The right size table may be determined by reviewing your options and choosing the ideal one to match your industrial fabrication or manufacturing needs.

Plasma cutting with CNC software already incorporated, provide more benefits that a cutting table without that software. Loading profiles and a production schedule is easy with assistance from this software. The CNC controls allow for the simple loading and unloading of materials while the rest of the work is handled by the automated and sophisticated technology. All of this translates into fewer personnel required for processing and safer material handling.

CNC plasma cutters have become increasingly affordable over time. In the past small businesses have depended on more conventional methods of making accurate cuts to materials. However, an affordable CNC plasma cutting table is an ideal tool to achieve precise material cuts on a consistent basis.

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