When it comes to cutting thick and heavyweight materials fast, an industrial CNC plasma table does an excellent job. It is an efficient and versatile tool for making a range of complex cuts on various materials. With the CNC automation included, a plasma cutting table can perform with exceptionally high accuracy and precision on each and every cut. At Boss Tables, a trusted source among CNC plasma table manufacturers, we offer different options within our inventory of CNC plasma tables to accommodate your needs relative to features, size, and price.

Plasma Cutting Applications

Plasma cutting machines are often used by fabrication centers, auto restoration and repair shops, scrapping and salvage operators, and other industrial and construction operations. Industries that use these machines for cutting metal to precise shapes include engineering, construction, agriculture, and more.

Due to its precision, high-speed cutting capabilities, an industrial CNC plasma table is ideal for everything from the small hobbyist metal project to large-scale industrial applications. These machines provide an innovative, fast, and efficient way to cut metal. Due to their precision, they can also save you on material, time, and money.

Products Produced by Plasma Cutting

Some of the items that can be made with an industrial CNC plasma table include signs, yard art, outdoor furniture, gates, indoor décor, wall décor, emblems, fire pits, decorative panels, and sculptures.

Materials for Plasma Cutting

The materials that respond well to plasma cutting are many and include steel, copper, brass, and other conductive metals. Although a plasma cutter may be used to cut aluminum and stainless steel, cutting these metals with plasma is not ideal because of the low melting point of the metal and the torch reflection.

An industrial CNC plasma table is ideal for cutting large parts, including those with lengths up to 20 to 30 feet and thicknesses up to one inch. These plasma machines can cut with accuracies of +\- .015″ to .020″. Plasma cutters can perform general plate cutting at lower cost and faster than many other cutting methods.

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