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When it comes to cutting thick and heavyweight materials, industrial CNC plasma tables offer exceptional performance. These tables provide efficient and versatile solutions for making complex cuts on various materials. With CNC automation, they deliver outstanding accuracy and precision with every cut.

Options Available at Boss Tables

As a trusted manufacturer of CNC plasma tables, Boss Tables offers a diverse range of options to meet your specific requirements. Our inventory includes tables with varying features, sizes, and prices, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your cutting needs.

Applications of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting machines find extensive use across various industries, including fabrication centers, auto restoration shops, scrapping operations, and construction sites. These machines excel at cutting metal into precise shapes, serving industries such as engineering, construction, agriculture, and more.

Versatility and Precision

Industrial CNC plasma tables are highly versatile, catering to both small-scale hobbyist projects and large-scale industrial applications. Their precision and high-speed cutting capabilities make them indispensable tools for metalworking tasks. By delivering precise cuts, they help save on material, time, and costs.

Products Produced

A wide range of products can be manufactured using industrial CNC plasma tables. These include manufacturing parts, automotive components, machine brackets, HVAC fittings, metal furniture parts, signs, yard art, outdoor furniture, gates, indoor décor items, wall décor, emblems, fire pits, decorative panels, sculptures, and various other precision-cut items.

Materials for Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is effective on various materials, including steel, copper, brass, and other conductive metals. While aluminum and stainless steel can also be cut using plasma, it may not be ideal due to their low melting points and potential torch reflection issues.

Cutting Capacity and Accuracy

Industrial CNC plasma tables can handle large parts with lengths ranging from 20 to 30 feet and thicknesses up to one inch. These machines offer cutting accuracies of +/- .015″ to .020″, making them suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks. Moreover, plasma cutters provide general plate cutting at lower costs and faster speeds compared to alternative methods.

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