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Water Height Control Table
LITE Series Table
Cand CNC Tranning

Quick Start Guide PDF

CandCNC Table Set Up Guide
WHC/Lite Table Initial Setup 
WHC Guide
Fusion 360 Saving a DXF
(External Cad Program)
CandCNC Operation

Sheet Cam Training Videos 

Introduction to SheetCam including post processor and tool upload.

Editing contours in sheet cam to create different layers and different operations for the part.

BOSS Tables nesting and creating operations in SheetCam

Plasma Peck to locate and mark features. Peck is very useful to locate drill and tap holes.

Scribe Operation

InkScape Training Videos 

QCad Training 

QCad is a Great Product but one should consider a subscription of Fusion 360 or another powerful cad program. 


Link To Fusion 360