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Castair Air Compressor
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CASTAIR offers all cast iron heavy-duty air compressors. Our air compressors are oil-lubricated, slow RPM, and run very quietly. With five different series, we have a compressor for every application and price range that will fit your need.





-Rotary Screw

Castair Compressor For Sale

Listed Below Are a Sample Of Specifications And Pricing For CASTAIR Compressors

Commercial Series-

      5 HP  single phase     80gal. vertical     18.3 cfm    part#  C518VA8       $2,355.00

      5 HP  two stage          80gal. vertical     18.1 cfm    part#  C518VC1       $2,633.00

Industrial Piston Series-

      5 HP   single phase    80gal. vertical      17.5 cfm    part# 1518VC1        $3,064.00

      5 HP   three phase     80gal. vertical      17.5 cfm    part# 1538uc1        $3,071.00

Rotary Series-

      5 HP   single phase    80gal. vertical       20 cfm     part# R518VD31     $8,824.00

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Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers use Freon to lower the temperature of the compressed air. This temperature reduction condenses the water vapor within the compressed air into droplets, allowing it to be eliminated through an onboard condensate drain.

-Easily maintained automatic moisture drain system, only cycles when water is present conserving     compressed air.

- 115 volt, 1-phase, 60Hz electrical power supply with 9’ three prong power cord.

- Quick connect for refrigerant re-charge.

- Stainless steel heat exchanger for even heat transfer and long life.

- Environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a and R407c.

- Effective dual function, single body heat exchanger.

- Simple design with a reliable dew point indication.

- Maximum 232 psig inlet compressed air pressure.

- No computer logic, no programing needed.

- Small footprint and light weight.

- UL listed.

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