Castair Inc. has been deemed an “Essential Business” as critical manufacturing and supplier for agriculture, transportation, health care and construction market places.

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When it comes to air compressors, CASTAIR exclusively offers cast iron heavy duty air compressors. Our air compressors include proper oil-lubrication. They operate at a slow RPM, and with exceptional quietness. With five different series available in our cast iron air compressor selection, we have a compressor for every application and price range that will fit your need.

Look no further than our inventory at Boss Tables for the Castair air compressor for sale you need for your applications, whether they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Contractor
  • Garage
  • Commercial
  • industrial
  • Rotary Screw


Commercial Series

5 HP single phase 80gal. vertical 18.3 cfm part# C518VA8 $2,355.00
5 HP two stage 80gal. vertical 18.1 cfm part# C518VC1 $2,633.00

Industrial Piston Series

5 HP single phase 80gal. vertical 17.5 cfm part# 1518VC1 $3,064.00
5 HP three phase 80gal. vertical 17.5 cfm part# 1538uc1 $3,071.00

Rotary Series

5 HP single phase 80gal. vertical 20 cfm part# R518VD31 $8,824.00

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

The element used in refrigerated compressed air dryers to reduce the temperature of compressed air is Freon. As the temperature of the air is reduces, the water vapor is condensed within the compressed air, producing droplets, which are then removed through a connected condensate drain.

  • 60Hz, 115 volt, one-phase electrical power supply that includes a 3-prong power cord 9’ long.
  • Easy-to-maintain automatic moisture drain system that conserves compressed air by cycling only when water is present.
  • Heat exchanger made from stainless steel that promotes a long service life and uniform heat transfer.
  • Fast connection for recharging refrigerant.
  • Single body heat exchanger with effective dual function.
  • Eco-friendly R407c and R134a refrigerant.
  • Compressed air pressure at a maximum of 232 psig inlet.
  • Basic design with dependable dew point indicator.
  • Light weight with a small footprint.
  • No computer logic or programming required.
  • UL listing.

As a leader among Castair compressor dealers, look no further than Boss Tables for the Castair compressor for sale and Castair compressor parts you need.

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