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Controller Options

BOSS Tables Offers two controllers. 

Flash Cut CNC Table Controller
PRO Water Height Control

Flash Cut is an industrial grade CNC Controller with integrated CAD-CAM-CNC

Great Choice for production and Multiple shifts/ operators as the software is easy to navigate

  • Auto Nest

  • Bitmap Conversion

  • Parts Library 

  • Fix tool finds and corrects CAD mistakes instantly

  • Easily bridge internal cut outs such as the center of an “O”

  • Sheet management for multiple sheets per job

  • Advanced true shape nesting includes nesting of multiple CAD or DXF files and multi-sheet nesting

  • Corner looping strategies for reducing dross in corners

CandCNC Controller
WHC Water Height Control
LITE Controller

CandCNC is a light Industrial CNC Controller 

Great choice for smaller production or fab shop

  • Manual Nesting

  • Q Cad / Inkscape Provided

  • Slows Down for holes

  • Works great and have been providing reliable CNC Controls for years

  • Economically Priced