CNC Plasma Burn Table

A plasma burn table is a type of thermal cutting table that vaporizes the metal burned into a powder, eliminating it from the cutting zone through a high velocity stream of gas or air. The CNC plasma burn tables we offer at Boss Tables deliver highly effective cutting solutions for various industrial needs. With a CNC burn table for sale from our selection, you will have a highly durable cutting machine that provides exceptional cut quality, including the ability to cut complex shapes with ease.

CNC Plasma Burn Table Benefits

These plasma burn tables are a step up from oxy/fuel or flame cutters and are the forerunner to laser or waterjet units for production cutting requirements. The CNC plasma burn table options we offer are cost-efficient to operate. They produce precision-cut fabricated parts that require minimal post processing and cleanup prior to the application of bending or welding.

A CNC plasma burn table uses a plasma torch to cut through metal plates like butter while the CNC controls help prevent human error. The minimization of errors in the cutting process help maximize productivity and maintain production schedules.

Boss Tables builds a world class heavy-duty CNC plasma table comparable to a Messer burn table that ensures the precise handling and processing of metal plates added to the system, enabling the fabricator to achieve high productivity and project turnaround. Producing accurate and timely work is the way to help keep your clients satisfied and coming back with additional fabrication requests.

Purchase a CNC Plasma Burn Table

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