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What is the warranty of the Table?2022-02-02T08:16:35+00:00

2 Years bumper to bumper. Excluding damage caused by misuse or negligence.

What can I cut with my Table?2022-02-02T08:18:16+00:00

Your CNC plasma can cut most metals, including steel, brass, copper, and aluminum.

Where are BOSS Tables Made?2022-02-02T08:19:11+00:00

The engineering, welding, painting, wiring, and assembly are all done in Calmar IA. This is truly an American made machine.

Lifetime Tech Support included?2022-02-02T08:20:04+00:00

Yes, as long as you own the table we will continue to support your needs to keep you cutting. It is a learning curve but it will not take long to understand the table and software.

I have never ran a CNC Machine?2022-02-02T08:20:43+00:00

Neither has anybody when they first started. The biggest hurtle to get over is CAD. If you can run CAD you have the base to run the machine. When the machine is purchased training in house is available at no cost. Or if the Machine is delivered on site training is provided.

I Don’t want to learn CAD, What can i do?2022-02-02T08:21:24+00:00

You need a drawing of some kind. You will have to have somebody draw or create parts that you can use. You can buy files for the Web but you will more than likely have to manipulate them to produce the product your looking to make. To some extent you will need a reliable way to get drawings such as you or a reliable source is p[producing them.

I seen that there are controllers that will draw common parts?2022-02-02T08:22:48+00:00

You still need to know how to run CAD unless your looking to just make shapes. You buying an industrial plasma table you will still need to learn CAD. Your greatly limiting your scope of work if you can only cut simple shapes.

If i have to learn CAD what do i use?2022-02-08T11:18:12+00:00
  • Inkscape for art (Provided with your table)
  • QCad for simple parts (Provided with your table) QCad is a great “Shop Floor Cad” or “Quick Parts”

Looking for more flexibility such as 3D, Sheet metal, assembly’s, or structures, Check out Fusion 360 as it is subscription based and very powerful. There are tons of tutorial videos and almost unlimited possibilities.

I want to just scan an image and cut it out?2022-02-08T11:22:56+00:00

To some extent you can but the problem with pictures is they are made with tiny dots (pixel). Compared to a DXF witch is a solid line witch can represent a shape or part etc.. The tiny dots contained in a picture need to be transformed into a Vector Image (lines). To get a vector (line) drawing from a bitmap you let the software convert the Pixels into lines witch can be distorted. It is called “auto trace” or “image vectorizer”. Watch video Here.

Water Bed or Down Draft?2022-02-02T08:31:15+00:00

We are big fans of the water table because it dramatically reduces the smoke and dust from plasma cutting. Therefore, minimum ventilation is required, being from the northern states where the winters are cold there is minimal heat lost. The Water bed also reduces the thermal distortion caused from extreme heat that can distort cuts.

Are Servos More accurate then steppers?2022-02-08T11:48:35+00:00

Short answer is no. They are no more accurate if the stepper is properly implemented on the table with planetary gears box and properly sized rack and pinon. The weak link in a properly built system is the plasma arc. It is not perfect and has a tendency to lag behind the torch. Check out this video for the non believers. Watch Video

Are Servos Better?2022-02-02T08:34:09+00:00

That will always be a debate. But yes and no / no and yes? They are a closed loop system that offers the ability to “Track” the operation and ensure they are performing the necessary operation. Problem is that if they are “off Track” your part is already ruined. But they have the ability to travel at faster rapid speed. So they cut faster? No they CUT at the predetermined speed given in the tool set. But between part they will travel faster as long as they are properly implemented on you table. They do have less noise and vibration that can be a huge benefit if your table is not constructed well. We use both, but 90 Percent are built with stepper motors. The final decision is made by the customer.

I can buy a table cheaper?2022-02-02T08:35:10+00:00

Yes you can, and you can spend a lot more if you feel the need. The table we manufacture was designed to withstand abuse and heavy use for many years but cost under $20,000. We understand if we do not fit you financial needs and there are other options but as of right now we are not going to build a lighter table.


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