Simple, powerful integrated CAD

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Go from Drawing to Tool path to Cutting in this all in one Integrated CAD/CAM/CNC Program on the Boss Pro Table.

Industrial CNC controller manufactured for demanding clients

The CAD intuitive user interface of the Flashcut CNC plasma table controller makes it simple to draw and edit any 2D and 2.5D shape

  • Convert any photo or bitmap image into a toolpath (centerline or outline)

  • Easily import any 2D drawing

  • Easily draw and modify common shapes with our shape library

  • Use advanced Boolean operations such as welding several shapes to make one

  • Identify and correct CAD errors instantly through our fix tool

  • DXF export tool allows you to transfer drawings to other CAD software programs

  • Generate fixture tabs automatically

  • Quickly bridge internal cutouts (example – the center of an “O”)
  • Easily import DWG or DXF files

  • Compensate for kerf automatically

  • Advanced true shape nesting capability, including the nesting of multiple DXF or CAD files and the nesting of multiple sheets

  • Manage multiple sheets per job

  • Edit oxy-fuel and plasma charts for different models, including Thermal Dynamics® and Hypertherm® and other commonly used models, removing the uncertainty of certain cutting factors, such as cut height, kerf, federate, and voltage.

  • Reduce dross in corners through corner looping strategies

As a trusted leader among CNC controller suppliers, we offer the Flashcut CNC plasma controller kit to enhance your ability and manage and customize shapes and photos.

The CNC plasma table controller – Your Solution for heavy industrial use

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