HD Features

  • FlashCut 10 HD industrial CAD-CAM-CNC is fully integrated.
  • All our electronic components are manufactured solely in the USA.
  • The system is powered by the Windows operating system.
  • Fanless industrial computer designed to withstand challenging conditions.
  • Features precise plate alignment capabilities.
  • 750w AC servo motors for enhanced performance.
  • High-precision Nidec Shimpo gears for precision.
  • Achieves exceptional precision with a sub 3" arc-minute accuracy.
  • Stingray DTHC for accurate torch height control.
  • Has helical gears for smooth operation.
  • Industrial motor wiring.
  • Rapid speed of 1000 inches per minute for efficient cutting.
  • 10-inch clearance under the gantry for versatile material placement.
  • 7-inch clearance under the torch for flexibility.
  • True Shape AUTO Nesting for efficient material usage.
  • It turns off THC while crossing a previous cut on the sheet to prevent unwanted diving.
  • Automatically applies a lead-in when restarting for smooth cutting.
  • THC Performance History Chart.
  • Progress Meter Gives an estimated time of cut completion.
  • Motor current sensing for enhanced control.
  • Water table level is pneumatically controlled for precision.
  • 10-inch water depth for effective cutting.
  • Removable slat trays.
  • 5-inch oversized cut area for convenient material placement.
  • 33-inch table height for operator comfort.
  • Planetary gear box, eliminating the need for belts or chains.
  • Collision detection for enhanced safety.
  • Feather Touch (Ohmic Sensing).
  • Magnetic Torch (Breakaway Torch).
  • Industrial bearings for extended life and rigidity.
  • The frame is welded and features adjustable feet for easy leveling.
  • Ball screw Z-axis mechanism for smoother operation and control.
  • Utilizes precision German-made helical gears.
  • Assisted loading facilitated by roller balls.
  • 22-inch operation screen for clear interaction.
  • Provides a dedicated station for operators to use with ease.

Air Booster $1,800

Ensure an adequate pressure level to operate your HD Machine effectively and optimize its performance.

Regulator and Hose Kit $1,500

Utilizing 2-stage regulators to provide Oxygen and Argon for steel cutting.

Regulator and Hose Kit $1,975

Utilizing 2-stage regulators to deliver Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and F5 for non-ferrous cutting.

Pneumatic Air Scribe $2500

  • CP 9361 Scribe
  • Sturdy Aluminum Mount with Linear Rail
  • Adjustable Up/Down Pressure and Hammer Strength
  • Valves Located on the Back of the Table

Hand Pendant System $800

Command virtually every aspect of your FlashCut-based machine right from the palm of your hand.

Laser Pointer $800

Achieve precise and effortless torch alignment and positioning.

Rotary Cutter $12,800

  • Cuts 8″ Tube Directly on Your Plasma Table.
  • Includes 4-Jaw Chuck for Round Tube Cutting.
  • FlashCut CAD/CAM
  • Upgrade From 4-axis to 5-axis

Oxy with High/Low Preheat $5,500

By utilizing High/Low preheat settings, you gain the capability to reduce pierce times, leading to enhanced overall job completion times.

Maintenance Plans

Keep your Boss Table running at peak performance with a Maintenance plan that suits your needs.

Boss will have an on-site technician replace key components and conduct a thorough inspection of your table.

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