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Kral's Parts Tumbler

Used in house for part preparation Kral's Parts tumbler has saved it cost in wages easily. It is a seamless fit for your plasma table operation and will save you time and money. We Stock the 42" model in house and have one tumbling parts daily. 

       Our superior parts tumblers are designed with quarter inch side walls, 11 gauge octagon side walls, two-ply rubber lined belting, ultra quiet half horse electric motor with a 40:1 gear box. Available in custom sizes to your specifications.


  • 36″ wide Parts Tumbler: $2,900

  • 42″ wide Parts Tumbler: $2,999

            (Stock Item)​

        Additionally these parts tumblers are extremely efficient at deburring stainless steel, aluminum, and steel.  Standard size parts tumblers are 36 inch or 42 inch long, and 24 inches flat to flat.

        Requested builds, including custom builds both larger and small, typically ship 2 to 3 weeks from your order date.

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204 E. Main St.                           PO Box 236

Calmar, IA 52132                        Calmar, IA 52132-0236




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