Discover the unparalleled efficiency of our HD Series Tables, offering the most competitive prices for top-of-the-line High Definition tables available in the market today.

Featuring an expansive 10-inch deep oversized cutting area, our tables come equipped with an ingenious built-in storage tank system, ensuring efficient water drainage. Say goodbye to the time-consuming hassle of retrieving parts from murky water, as our design facilitates a seamless production process.

Say hello to convenience with our innovative ‘crab pot’ design, incorporating easily removable slag trays, transforming the once laborious task of table cleaning into a swift and effortless routine. Our HD Series maximizes utility, requiring only a straightforward setup process that involves connecting the Kjellberg or MAXPRO200. Complementing the HD Series, we offer the integration of the FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC controller, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive operational experience.

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Table Overview

Selecting a new plasma table can be a challenging decision. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Controller
  • Accessories
  • HD-8 – 4X8 Plasma Table – $54,000
  • HD-10 – 5X10 Plasma Table – $58,000
  • HD-12 – 6X12 Plasma Table – $62,000
  • HD-520 – 5X20 Plasma Table – $86,000
  • HD-620 – 6X20 Plasma Table – $91,000
  • HD-820 – 8X20 Plasma Table – $104,000
  • HD-624 – 6X24 Plasma Table – $105,000
  • HD-824 – 8X24 Plasma Table – $118,000
  • Integrated FlashCut 10 HD Industrial CAD-CAM-CNC
  • Windows Operating System
  • Fanless Industrial Computer
  • Precise Plate Alignment Capabilities
  • 750w AC servo motors
  • High-precision Nidec Shimpo planetary gear boxes
  • Sub 3-inch arc-minute accuracy
  • Stingray Digital Torch Height Control (DTHC)
  • Helical rack and pinion gears
  • Industrial motor wiring
  • Rapid speed of 1000 inches per minute
  • Gantry with 10-inch clearance
  • 7-inch Under Torch Clearance
  • True Shape AUTO Nesting
  • Previous Cut THC Turn Off to Prevent Unwanted Diving
  • Automatic applied lead-in on restart
  • THC Performance History Chart
  • Cut Completion Time Progress Meter
  • Motor Current Sensing
  • pneumatically Water level control
  • 10-inch water depth
  • Removable slat trays
  • 5-inch oversized cut area
  • 33-inch Table Height
  • Collision Detection
  • Feather Touch (Ohmic Sensing)
  • Magnetic Torch (Breakaway Torch)
  • Industrial bearings
  • Welded frame with adjustable feet for easy leveling
  • Ball Screw Z-axis
  • Roller Ball Assistance
  • Dedicated Operators Station with 22-inch Operation Screen

Boss Tables does all the installs for HD models!

Compatible with these Plasma Cutters

  • 300 AMP Smart Focus – $49,000
  • 400 AMP Smart Focus – $59,000
  • 200 AMP Smart Focus – $43,000
  • MAXPRO200 – Call for pricing

Compatible with FlashCut Controller

The FlashCut system is a Windows based operating system that features the ALL-IN-ONE CAD/CAM/CNC. FlashCut can effortlessly import 2D drawings, modify shapes using a convenient library, and perform advanced Boolean operations like welding shapes together. Identify and fix CAD errors seamlessly, export to other CAD software with DXF tools, and automatically generate fixture tabs. Handle DWG or DXF files with ease, compensate for kerf automatically, and enjoy true shape nesting for multiple files and sheets. Manage multiple sheets per job, edit charts for various oxy-fuel and plasma models, and implement corner looping strategies to minimize dross in corners.

Maintenance Plans – Varies

Keep your Boss Table running at peak performance with a Maintenance plan that suits your needs.

Boss will have an on-site technician replace key components and conduct a thorough inspection of your table.

Oxy with High/Low Preheat – $5,500

By utilizing High/Low preheat settings, you gain the capability to reduce pierce times, leading to enhanced overall job completion times.

Rotary Cutter – HD – $12,800

  • Cuts 8″ Tube Directly on Your Plasma Table.
  • Includes 4-Jaw Chuck for Round Tube Cutting.
  • FlashCut CAD/CAM
  • Upgrade From 4-axis to 5-axis

Laser Pointer – $800

Achieve precise and effortless torch alignment and positioning.

Hand Pendant System – $800

Easily manage virtually every aspect of your FlashCut-based machine from the palm of your hand.

Pneumatic Air Scribe – HD – $2500

  • CP 9361 Scribe
  • Sturdy Aluminum Mount with Linear Rail
  • Adjustable Up/Down Pressure and Hammer Strength
  • Valves Located on the Back of the Table

Regulator & Hose Kit – $1,975

Utilizing 2-stage regulators to deliver Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and F5 for non-ferrous cutting.

Regulator & Hose Kit – $1,500

Utilizing 2-stage regulators to provide Oxygen and Argon for steel cutting.

Air Booster – $1,800

Ensure an adequate pressure level to operate and maximize the performance of your HD Machine.

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