Water Height Control

Ease Of Use- Your BOSS Table will quickly and easily cut out any number of parts. The Computer software can be coupled with any existing CAD program of your choice.

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WHC (Water Height Control)

WHC Series Includes FREE PACKAGING ! 12 Mil thick shrink wrap

  • Water level of the table controlled pneumatically
  • 5 Inch over-sized cut area to allow easy material placement
  • Collision Detection
  • Feather Touch (Ohmic Sensing)
  • Magnetic Torch (Breakaway Torch)
  • DTHC (Digital Torch Height Control)
  • Table under storage- 5×10 sheet will fit under a 5×10 table, 4×8 under 4×8 table Ect.
  • Industrial Bearing for long life and rigidity
  • Helical Gears
  • Welded frame and adjustable feet to level your table
  • Ball Screw Z Axis
  • Roller ball assisted loading
  • Surge protection
  • Operator station / Computer Cabinet
  • 22″ Operation screen
  • NEMA 34 Motors with planetary gear box ( NO BELTS OR CHAINS)
  • Sheetcam, QCad, and Inkscape (you may use any cad program you like)

SCRIBE $1500

Pneumatic Air Scribe $1500

  • CP 9361 Scribe
  • Rigid Aluminum Mount with Linear Rail
  • Adjustable up / down pressure, and hammer strength
  • Valves located on back of computer cabinet

Router $1100

Router Mount, Programming, and Wiring $1100

You will need to supply spill board.

ClearPath® Servo System $3,300

  • Travel from one end of the table in under 4 seconds
  • Increased Production
  • Rapids of 1800 IPM
  • Closed-loop system.

OXY Torch $3,300

  • Cut up to 6 Inch Thick Steel with VICTOR MT310 MACHINE TORCH
  • Reverse Flow Check Valves supplied
  • Oxygen acetylene/ propylene
  • Complete system

Choosing a New Plasma Table can Certainly be a Difficult Task and We Would Like to Help With That Anyway We Can. We Can Discuss What Options are Best For You and Your Business and Provide You With a Detailed Turn Key Estimate.

Please contact us @ 563-380-1535
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WHC-4 4×4 Plasma Table $16,700
WHC 5 5×5 Plasma Table $17,200
WHC 8 4X8 Plasma table $18,200
WHC 10 5X10 Plasma table $19,200
WHC 12 6X12 Plasma table $21,200
WHC 520 5X20 Plasma table $34,000
WHC 620 6X20 Plasma table $37,000
WHC 820 8X20 Plasma table $41,000
WHC 624 6X24 Plasma table $41,000
WHC 824 8X24 Plasma table $45,000

Other Custom Models can be built

More info on the Power Units Below, CLICK HERE.

Powermax 45 XP With Machine Torch and CPC $2550
Powermax 65 Sync With Machine Torch and CPC $3650
Powermax 85 Sync With Machine Torch and CPC $4750
Powermax 105 Sync With Machine Torch and CPC $6000
Powermax 125 XP With Machine Torch and CPC $7850

Below power units available at
Boss Tables until sold out

Powermax 65 XP With Machine Torch and CPC $3450
Powermax 85 XP With Machine Torch and CPC $4250
Powermax 105 XP With Machine Torch and CPC $5850



Oxy Torch