The CNC plasma table is one of the most popular pieces of equipment for cutting various size material efficiently. It is a fine-tuned machine that is useful in a variety of construction and manufacturing applications. At Boss Tables, as a trusted source among plasma table manufacturers, we offer various industrial CNC plasma table options that produce clean-cutting, consistent results.

Operation of CNC Plasma Tables

Plasma table cutting machines operate by computer automation, which enables an exceptional level of accuracy to deliver consistently precise cuts each time. The machine can save on material, time, and money. Plasma cutting operates with a machine torch that cuts sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals.

As the plasma table cuts parts from metal sheets, the torch motion is controlled by the CNC. A part program which often consists of a text file with codes, provides smart technology that defines the contours of the component to be cut as well sensing the height of material to allow for warpage without compromising cut quality.

Plasma Cutting Applications

These machines are used with great success for metal cutting applications in engineering, agricultural, manufacturing, and construction industry applications. CNC plasma tables are ideal for cutting metal with great efficiency if you are a small metal shop or even a hobbyist or metal artist.

Plasma table cutting operations occur extensively for applications involving automobiles, steel buildings, pressure vessels, general machinery, chemical appliances, engineering machinery, locomotives, ships, nuclear industry, and more.

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