WHC 4ft X 4ft CNC Plasma Table Cutting Machine

WHC (Water Height Control)

Shops that regularly perform computer-controlled, precise, true linear rail gantry system cutting of metals often utilize CNC plasma cutting tables. The true linear rail gantry system on these machines direct a plasma torch over a metal surface that creates precise cuts. At Boss Tables, we are your source for the WHC 4×4 CNC plasma table for sale that produces precise, clean cuts.

This 4×4 plasma cutting table is capable of generating an innumerable array of cutting patterns for specific industry requirements. This includes precision cuts for the production of mechanical parts, intricate HVAC ductwork, design prototypes, metal art, and more.

With our 4×4 plasma cutter, you can produce the precision cuts you need on a consistent basis.

4x4 CNC Plasma Table Features

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The features of our WHC Series plasma cutting tables, including our 4×4 plasma table for sale, are as follows:

  • 5 Inch over-sized cut area to allow easy material placement
  • Water level of the table controlled pneumatically
  • Table under storage- 5×10 sheet will fit under a 5×10 table, 4×8 under 4×8 table Ect.
  • Feather Touch (Ohmic Sensing)
  • Magnetic Torch (Breakaway Torch)
  • Welded frame and adjustable feet to level your table
  • Collision Detection
  • 22″ Operation screen
  • Industrial Bearing for long life and rigidity
  • Roller ball assisted loading
  • Ball Screw Z Axis
  • DTHC (Digital Torch Height Control)
  • Surge protection
  • Helical Gears
  • Operator station / Computer Cabinet
  • NEMA 34 Motors with planetary gear box (NO BELTS OR CHAINS)
  • Sheetcam, QCad, and Inkscape (you may use any cad program you like)

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