WHC 6ft X 20ft CNC Plasma Table Cutting Machine

WHC (Water Height Control)

Many shops that engage in metal cutting operations utilize a highly effective machine called a plasma cutting table. This machine has a true linear rail gantry system that precisely guides a plasma torch along metal to produce fine and complex precision cuts. At Boss Tables, we offer the WHC 6×20 plasma table for sale, among others, to help you achieve the consistently high-quality production you need in your shop.

The 6×20 plasma cutting table is a machine designed to deliver precise cutting results on a consistent basis, whether the industry application involves the production of mechanical parts, HVAC ductwork, prototyping, or metal artwork, among others. If you need precision and reliability, the 6×20 CNC plasma table has both.

6x20 CNC Plasma Table Features

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The WHC 6×20 plasma table, along with our other WHC plasma cutting machines includes the following features:

  • Water level of the table controlled pneumatically 
  • 5 Inch over-sized cut area to allow easy material placement
  • Helical Gears
  • DTHC (Digital Torch Height Control)
  • Ball Screw Z Axis
  • 22″ Operation screen
  • Roller ball assisted loading 
  • Magnetic Torch (Breakaway Torch)
  • Feather Touch (Ohmic Sensing)
  • Operator station / Computer Cabinet 
  • Collision Detection
  • Welded frame and adjustable feet to level your table
  • NEMA 34 Motors with planetary gearbox (NO BELTS OR CHAINS)
  • Industrial Bearing for rigidity and long life
  • Sheetcam, QCad, and Inkscape (you may use any cad program you like)
  • Surge protection

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