Many types of workshops can benefit from the value provided by a CNC plasma cutting system. With ease and efficiency, CNC plasma cutting tables are able to cut through an array of different materials, including various metals. At Boss Tables, we are your source for exceptional CNC plasma cutting system options that offer multiple benefits for fabricators and manufacturers.

Less Material Waste

Handheld plasma cutting is an option and can be done with a measure of precision, but it is a challenging task for many and usually requires a significant amount of training to perform properly. If cuts are made improperly or at an incorrect height, material waste and financial loss can be the result.

Fast and Accurate Cutting

A CNC plasma cutting system expedites cutting with a plasma torch controlled by a CNC controller and CNC software, providing fast and accurate results. These systems are controlled by software with the cutting variables defined and set. Communication between the controller and software ensure the proper cuts are made every time. The software controls the motion of the plasma torch and the automatic torch height control helps ensure the proper height of the torch is always set to produce precision cuts.

Increased Productivity

Higher production rates are possible with a machine that performs cuts at a faster speed. Increase productivity is helpful for any size workshop, whether the quantity of production required is small or on a massive scale. Greater efficiency means more profitability.

Reduced Labor Cost Enhances Operational Efficiency

With an automated CNC plasma cutting system, the need for manual labor is reduced. One properly trained technician can operate one of the systems and produce hundreds to thousands of precision cuts per day, something that would require multiple technicians if done by hand. The lower labor cost of using a CNC plasma cutter eventually pays for the cost of the equipment and saves money.

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