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The MVR router table is expertly crafted to provide smooth and effective routing across a variety of materials. Featuring an intuitive interface, the table is equipped with a Linux-based computer system that runs the HALO routing program, which is further enhanced by SheetCam for optimal nesting operations. Additionally, this system integrates flawlessly with CAD tools such as Inkscape and QCad, and is fully compatible with your preferred software, including Aspire, VCarve, and other Vectric products. Whether you’re using the robust Milwaukee 3.25 Horse Spindle or opting for the more powerful HSD ATC 4.5 KW / 6 HP, the MVR router table guarantees precise and reliable performance tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Table Overview

Selecting a new plasma table can be a challenging decision. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Specs
  • Spindles
  • Controller
  • Accessories
  • MVR 4- 4×4 – $21,600
  • MVR 8– 4×8 – $23,000
  • MVR 10– 5×10 – $24,000
  • MVR 12– 6×12 – $26,000
  • Linux Operation System
  • Steel Gantry 4×12-inch
  • Welded Frame
  • Standard Material for Bed Is MDF
  • Z Touch Off Pad
  • Industrial Motor Wiring
  • Rapid Up to 1800 IPM
  • Motors Are Closed Loop
  • Ability to 3D Profile
  • Works with Aspire, VCarve, and other Vectric Products
  • ATC (Auto Tool Change) Available
  • Helical Rack and Pinion X, Y Axis
  • Ball Screw Z-Axis
  • 22-Inch Operating Screen
  • Nidec Shimpo High Precision Planetary Gear Box
  • Cut Progress Meter
  • NEMA 34 Stepper Motors
  • Magnetic Brush

Spindle Upgrades

  • (Included) Milwaukee 3.25 Horse Spindle
  • (Upgrade: $8,000) HSD ATC 4.5 KW / 6 HP- Auto Tool Changer

Compatible with HALO Controllers

The HALO CNC system stands as a powerhouse in CNC operations, seamlessly managing CAD, CAM, and control functions. Whether you’re at your desk or lounging on your couch, HALO allows you to effortlessly design and generate cut files through its user-friendly interface. Coupled with SheetCam, HALO removes the complexities of manual G Code, simplifying processes like nesting, cut paths, and marking. Its cutting-edge features, including Velocity Anti-Dive and Digital Torch Height Control, ensure precision for flawlessly clean cuts. Operating on a Linux-based system known for stability, HALO becomes the embodiment of efficient and cost-effective manufacturing.

Air Blower – $250

  • Extending Tool Life
  • Cleaner Work Space
  • Improves Cutting Performance

Vacuum Table – Call For Pricing

  • Keeps your workpiece in place during machining.
  • Consists of Vacuum Table Top and Pump
  • Vacuum pump will be supplied by Boss Tables or the customer.
  • Existing pump can be utilized. Boss Tables can supply table top if requested.

Air Filter/Dryer – $1900

  • Prevents premature wear of critical components.
  • Allows for sharper cuts and better accuracy.
  • Flexible plumbing options; connection ports on both sides
  • Made in the USA

Auto Tool Changer-MVR Only – Call For Pricing

  • HSD ATC 4.5 KW / 6 HP
  • ISO 30 new generation of spindle- ES96X

Phenolic Tabletop – Call For Pricing

  • Temperature Stability
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Enhances Machine Accuracy

Dust Collector – Call For Pricing

Why clean when you can get this accessory to do it for you!

Location Pop-Up Pins – $1,200

Elevate your table with pop-up pins.

  • Great for loading sheets quickly
  • Finding X and Y zero position
  • Activate with with automation or manually.
  • 3 pin system

Touch Screen Monitor – $1,200

Upgrade your Boss table with a touch screen monitor.

Servo System – $3,300

  • Travel from one end of the table in under 4 seconds.
  • Experience increased production capabilities.
  • Rapid travel speed of 1800 IPM.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a closed-loop system.

Computer Stand Cabinet – $885

  • Stands at a Height of 39″ with Wheels for Mobility
  • Features a Locking Door with Key for Security
  • Equipped with a Convenient Shelf
  • Includes a Gas Strut Flexi Monitor Mount
  • Fits up to 23″ Monitor Inside


  • Clearance Under Gantry: 14″
  • Rapid Travel:1800 IPM
  • Positioning Accuracy: 0.002″
  • Repeatability: 0.003″

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