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J&J Energy Solutions LLC

LK Welding and Fabrication LLC

If you are still shopping for a plasma table, stop! You’ve found the right place. Customer service is the best we’ve encountered, the machine runs as designed – flawlessly, and it looks damn good!! We have WHC 10 and have had it almost a year now and we are so glad we went with Boss Tables. Travis and Ron are 2 guys who you can talk to any time of day and they will help no matter what. If it takes a trip to you, they will do it! These guys pride themselves in their work and it shows. Buy Boss…you won’t regret it!!!!

Scott Jayme Buchanan

I’m as “old school” as they come. That being said, the company who provided the best customer service was going to get my business. Learning the computer side of operating the table was going to be the biggest challenge for me. Boss has been awesome (and patient) on getting me through situations and answering questions. (even after hours) Travis and Ron know their product inside and out. Any issue I’ve had (all the time, my fault) has been taken care of quicker than I expected. These guys are at the top of their game when it comes to customer service. If you’re looking for a high quality, reasonably priced table with top notch training and “service after the sale” then get a Boss Table. You won’t be sorry.

Tim Edson

I have owned my Boss WHC10 Plasma Table for a year now and my experience with it and the customer service I have received is second to none. My phone calls have been answered no matter the time of day. I would recommend Boss Tables to anyone looking for a high quality table with the customer service to back it!

Nathan Creveling

Amazing, knowledgeable owner who actually makes these tables in a shop, like here, in Iowa!!! No Chinese re-branded tables here. We visited the shop in person and the walk through we got about the table and all of its features had us drooling to the point we instantly pulled the trigger on a 5’ x 10’ table. This table is loaded!!! Travis spent a lot of time walking us through how to operate the table, the computer programs and has always answered our calls and texts. These tables are a beast and will take anything you throw at at them. Bang for buck you honestly won’t find anything better and trust me, we looked for months!!! Call and ask for a tour and I can guarantee you won’t want to leave without one!

Jessica Skjordal

I did alot of research on different plasma tables and decided to go with a Boss Table and I couldn’t be happier. I have had my table for about 7 months now. The construction of the table is heavy duty. The tec support is right on. I have had to call on a Sunday with issues and always very helpful (operator error). Bottom line awesome machine and great people.

Bill Bennington

Boss Tables has been fantastic to work with. Their tables are workhorses, very heavily built with premium components. I researched plasma cutting tables for 6 months and spoke with the owners of many companies that produce them. I also spoke with customers. Usually owners of fabrication shops and asked about usability and service. Boss Tables provides the best overall value for the money of any offering I looked at. I highly recommend them!

Heath Gerlock

I can not say enough good things about Travis at Boss Tables. When another plasma table manufacturer let us down big time . Boss Tables saved the day. After calling every manufacturer looking for a in stock machine under 30k I finally came across Boss Tables. Travis at Boss Tables had a machine in stock for me to pick up the very next day! A short phone call and I was on my way to Iowa .We had to have it asap down time was not an option. I pulled in at around 3:30am after driving through the night from Michigan. His door was open and someone was hard at work at 3:30am. I thought maybe he has workers over night and kept driving to the Walmart to get a nap in the truck before his business hours. When we pulled in after 9am I found out it was him there, the owner hard at work at 3:30am. That's work ethic in my book. He spent the whole day with us showing us the table making sure we would be able to get back to the shop and start cutting asap. His plasma table is by far more of an industrial machine then our previous machine that cost the same. With so many more features. every feature works perfect . Love the PECK feature and the adjustable water level, material rollers, battery backup, lighting protection, ultra wide monitor, and Linux system. This machine shows that they are a cut above the rest . After the sale I have received many phone calls from Travis double, triple, quadruple checking to make sure machine is still working perfect and that we are a happy customer. Customer service is fantastic and they are very easy to talk to.

If you can't make it to Iowa to see one and your in Michigan and want to see this machine in action, we would gladly take the time to show you why you should consider Boss Tables.

Thank you Travis!

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JC Metal Fabrication

We bought the Pro series Table from Boss and absolutely love it!very user friendly, no problems at all, Easy install Ron had us up and running in no time! The customer service is outstanding no matter what time of the day or week I’ve had any questions they are there to help.

Zach Shepherd

BOSS Tables – American Made, high quality, rock solid reliable machine. I’ve had my WHC10 with a powermax 85 running for 6-months. No issues whatsoever, it’s a great machine. From presale questions to on-going support, Travis and his team offer hands down the best customer service and support I’ve ever experienced. I will be purchasing another 5×10 table from BOSS Tables dedicated to wood routing soon.

Nathan Dills

We purchased a Boss 5×10 Pro without ever seeing one in person- Just talking with the Boss team on the phone was enough to make us feel that we made the right decision- BOY WERE WE RIGHT- The thing is a beast- The way they wrap everything for shipping- Our table had to go 1,100 miles on an open trailer thru major storms- as we opened it up – it was bone dry- The build quality is impressive- As fabricators ourselves we can see all the details that went into this table and its just the best machine value we have ever encountered- The FlashCut software is very easy to use and we were able to cut 1/4″ plate after just an hour of self instruction- We had a problem with a software code & a servo cable but that gave us a chance to work with the service folks at Boss and within 5 minutes they not only solved our problem but gave us a few tips & tricks- We look forward to a long relationship- If your in our area and want to see the machine just let me know

John Carnett

I have spent 6 months researching plasma tables. I narrowed it down to Boss Tables, it is the first table I have owned, we have used it for 3 weeks and cut about 30,000 pounds of steel, mostly 1/4 inch and less in thickness. we use an 85 amp machine, it was worth every penny, I drove 1120 miles to pick up my machine and meet Travis in person, it was well worth it, the tips and pointers that he offered were worth it. we were cutting steel 5 hours after arriving back at my facility. tech support has been above and beyond. check out Boss tables for your next machine

Norman Hoover

I have been in this industry for 16 years, Boss tables has hands down the best customer support I have ever dealt with. I have A Pro 10 and a T42 boss tumbler and we have devolved a 4x8' 3D printer that will be here soon. They answer at all hours of the day and make sure your machine is pumping out parts if you have an issue, down to earth people and one one hell of a built machine. These are well built and right here in the great state of Iowa. I would recommend these to anyone on the market looking!

Ryan Trask

Trask Design LLC

Boss Tables is 💯 the CNC table place you need to partner with. I am 💯 satisfied with there American Made product and customer support in unreal. Best customer support I have ever received from any company!!!!!

Cody Cook

CRS Performance Fabrication

We bought our 5x10 Boss table about a month ago and it has been great! The set up was so simple we had it up and cutting within 24 hours and have not had one hiccup! We highly recommend this machine and the customer service had been outstanding!

Northstar Machining & Fabrication LLC

Great table and great service. Machine runs flawlessly teamed up with the Hypertherm 125. 6x12 Boss Pro Plasma table. Can't get a better table dollar for dollar.

Heath Angelle

Sales Staff and Tech Support are awesome. Great machine with easy to use software.

American Pump Company

Boss Tables doesn't just make good tables, they really do everything they can to make their customer experience awesome. Even after owning it for 6 months they still take any calls I have to troubleshoot as I learn and I'm sure I wouldn't get the same knowledge and customer service from any other company. Travis the owner is great, not above taking time to talk directly to help with things. If the owner will do that, that says a lot about the company. We have a WHC 5x10 table, highly recommended.

Michigan Metal