BOSS Tables provides the Light industrial market with a feature rich CNC Plasma Table without the heavy
cost. Bringing forth simple and effective means that yield consistent results. Be the BOSS!

Construction & Features

Quality Engineering & Fabrications

Every table Made by Boss Tables has a Fully welded and boxed frame to ensure a tough and solid machine. All 4 sides are constructed from 3/16 steel that are welded to the frame. Other brands will try
and tell you that they have a “heavy table” but with a BOSS Table you are getting 3500 LBS of machine before water. The Gantry has a 12” wide foot print with 12 Bearings riding on 2 full length dual stainless rail that’s 100MM (3.93 Inch) wide to provide smooth and straight linear motion. Full floating rails
provide a perfectly symmetrical rail system that will provide effortless motion and repeatability.

Curved slats provide extended life and the 3 inch spacing provide room for part removal. Roller ball assisted loading and over sized cut area will allow you to easily place sheets on the table. Cable management and 2 operating stand locations allow flexibility for your shop. With a maximum materiel height of 8 inches you can tackle more jobs. Coupled with Feather touch, Digital Torch Height, and Collision Detection you will get the results you demand.

Water Level Management

With the air Blatter system provided by BOSS tables you can adjust the water level depending on material being
cut, and or under water to reduce warping. Draining the cutting area will allow you to find the pieces you’re cutting out.  With a drain time of 1.5 minutes and a fill time of 1 you will keep production moving. Access
holes and drains are provided for the lower tank as well.

Z Axis

BOSS Z Axis is designed, machined, and built in the USA. Ball Screw NOT lead screw provides a smooth and effortless motion. The Mount and limit switch ride on ball bushings over hardened chrome shafts. The shafts and limit switch are located behind the face plate preventing debris from affecting motion.
Magnetic torch breakaway that is self-centering provides protection and constant torch placement. An
added benefit to having a magnetic torch is the ability to inspect the torch and change tips with ease.
Ohmic Sensing, collision sensor and digital torch height control is also provided with your BOSS Table at no extra charge.

Control Center

Running your BOSS Table is simple with the operator’s council. Located inside is every electronic component the table needs to run. Casters and rigid flexible conduit allow you to place the operator stand where you need it. Software, computer and licences are all provided. 


Learn more about software and control center.

Drive Motors

Motion is created by Dual 980 Oz Stepper motors coupled with NEMA 34 Planetary Gear Box for Superior Life. Rack and pinion create a dependable and reliable way to transfer energy eliminating belts and chains needed to drive components. The motors, planetary gears, bearings, and rack and pinion are mounted on the side of the machine reducing the amount of debris and furthermore the components are protected by a shield that blocks flying particles.

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