With a CNC plasma table, it is vital to control the fumes and dust produced from the process of cutting in some manner. Incorporating a water table is an ideal option. This setup has a layer of water placed beneath the metal being cut, which prevents the generation of fumes. With a downdraft table, air is transported down through the table, effectively pulling fumes and dust away from the cutting space. At Boss Tables, we offer an array of affordable CNC plasma table options to meet the manufacturing and fabricating needs of our clients.

Below we review some of the pros and cons of water tables and downdraft tables.

Water Table Pros

The various advantages of using a CNC plasma water table include:

  • Restricted for use with plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines
  • Fumes and particles are forced into the water, keeping them from dispersing into the air
  • Ideal for cutting mild steel workpieces
  • No sparks
  • Less noise
  • Reduced arc flare
  • Less expensive installation and operation since a fume collector or filter is not required

Downdraft Table Pros

The various advantages of using Downdraft table include:

  • Filter system keeps the air clean by collected fumes and particles
  • Easier to clean
  • May be used to cut an array of different metals
  • Easier to extend the table for expanded production

Water Table Cons

The various water table disadvantages include:

  • Not applicable for some plasma cutting surfaces
  • Regular addition of water and chemical required to prevent growth of algae
  • Periodic draining and disposal required
  • Aluminum cutting produces hydrogen bubble buildup when molten aluminum contacts the water, creating a risk of explosion
  • Higher maintenance costs

Downdraft Table Cons

The various downdraft table disadvantages include:

  • Adjusting or removing certain table parts is more time-consuming because of the need to wait for cooling-off before handling with tongs or gloved
  • Regular filter replacement required
  • Filter must be changed out depending on the metal being cut

The type of table you choose between these two options will depend on your specific business needs.

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