Many businesses look to add a light industrial CNC plasma table to their shop. The reason may include the trend taking place among construction companies, fabricators, welding shops, professional artists, and even home hobbyists to utilize some of the most advanced and effective equipment to cut materials. At Boss Tables, we offer exceptional options when it comes to light industrial CNC plasma tables.

Some of the factors to consider when searching for the right light industrial CNC plasma table for your shop include:

Regardless of the industry or application, CNC plasma tables are generally easy to operate for personnel working within the shop. They require a minimal amount of upkeep and maintenance and can handle a consistently high workload.

Evaluate the software package that comes with each table prior to purchasing. Find out how steep the learning curve is to use the software. Software packages can vary between models in terms of the time it takes to master them.

When choosing an industrial CNC plasma table, first determine the maximum thickness of the metal you need to cut, and the quantity of cutting involved. If you plan to use the plasma table for much of the day, you will likely need a system with a rating higher than the material thickness you intend to cut. This will allow you to cut for longer stretches of time and minimize the stress on the cutting system.

The plasma cutting system you choose should have the capability to perform a wide array of cuts on many types of materials, including steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and more. The plasma table you choose must have the versatility to fulfill your cutting requirements and adapt to your unique needs, whether the purpose involves general product manufacturing, automotive parts fabrication, or another application.

Look for torch height control with your industrial CNC plasma table which enables good cut quality in the form of edge angularity. Although a table without torch height control will be less expensive, it is a vital component to help ensure more efficient and accurate cutting results.

Precision is one of the main distinctions that sets apart exceptional quality CNC cutting machinery. The light industrial plasma table you choose must cut materials with the required precision if you are going to achieve the best results.

Make sure the CNC plasma table size you purchase can comfortably accommodate the size of the plates you will be cutting.

If you need a CNC plasma table for hobby level work, you may be more keenly interested in price and affordability. A light industrial unit of smaller size will certainly cost less than some of the larger models available.

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