How Do You Make Money?

Are you considering investing in a CNC plasma table but feeling cautious about its profitability? We’re here to assure you that a CNC plasma table has the power to be a viable asset in your business or personal projects.

The CNC plasma table’s ability to make good quality and consistent cuts compared to hand cutting, opens so many opportunities in so many industries. This article will cover just some of the roads you can take with having your own CNC plasma table and turning it into a money making machine.


The biggest thing to maximizing your CNC plasma table lies with being diversified in what you’re going to make. While custom sign making and décor are a good niche to get into and can make money, also consider additional services such as metal fabrication, industrial parts, and construction businesses. Places like these are always in need of custom parts or special parts being made.


Showcase your projects made or upcoming ones. This can be valuable for attracting new clients. Show the quality of the creations that are made. Having visuals for your work well done will show the capabilities that you can do.

Target Audience:

Identify the markets that you want to pursue with your CNC plasma table. For example, metal fabrication, you could focus on clients with custom parts. By demonstrating that you can make custom parts for clients will help you enhance your tables appeal and strengthen your reputation. By doing this, you can maximize your profits.

Personalization & Customization:

A big advantage to having a CNC plasma table is the ability to make personalized and customized designs for customers. Give clients the opportunity to make one-of-a-kind items such as name plates, personal gifts, and personalized signs.

Local Businesses:

Actively approach local businesses to discuss expanding our client base. Reach out to metal fabricators, interior designers, construction companies, and any other potential clients who could benefit from our CNC plasma services. By focusing on local businesses, you can provide them with the advantage of nearby access, ensuring fast turnaround times for their custom parts or components. Establishing relationships with these businesses could also open doors for them to showcase your work in their stores. As a result you could receive word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied local clients.


In addition to offering custom services, also consider selling pre-made products online. Utilize the social media platforms to get your work out there to show what you’re capable of doing. You can also participate in trade shows, craft fairs, and exhibitions to showcase your work. Generating interest can lead you to future commissions and bulk orders.

A CNC plasma table is a powerful piece of equipment that can elevate your creativity and with the right approach, can boost your income drastically. By diversifying your services and clientele, finding your target audiences, and showcasing what you have to offer, you can gain a steady stream of clients. Whether you focus on custom creations, pre-made products or collaborating with local businesses, your CNC plasma table can be an essential asset to your journey and can make you money.

If you’re looking for a CNC plasma table, contact us to discuss the various options we have to offer!

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