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Dive into a world of cutting-edge options at Boss Tables, where we redefine precision and efficiency in metal fabrication with our range of CNC plasma cutting systems. Crafted to elevate your shop’s capabilities, our machines offer unparalleled performance, ensuring immaculate results for every project.

Plasma Cutting Machines:

Harnessing the power of electric arcs channeled through gas and minute openings, plasma cutting machines wield immense energy, surpassing traditional cutting methods. Unlike oxyfuel cutters, they effortlessly handle intricate shapes, including channels, angles, and tubes, with finesse.

With temperatures soaring up to 40,000 °F, plasma cutting effortlessly slices through heavyweight metals like stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum. From industrial giants to small-scale workshops, our plasma tables cater to diverse needs, with prices ranging from accessible to high-end precision solutions.

Waterjet cutting Machines:

For thicker plates demanding cost-efficient solutions, waterjet cutting emerges as the epitome of precision. While plasma excels in swift, precise cuts, waterjet cutting ensures material integrity by mitigating heat-related distortions. Its versatility extends to a wide array of materials, from metals to plastics, offering a comprehensive cutting solution.

Oxyfuel Efficiency:

Embracing the simplicity of oxygen fuel cutting, oxyfuel machines deliver swift, portable solutions for iron-based materials like carbon steel. While plasma remains unmatched in precision for aluminum and stainless steel, oxyfuel machines boast unparalleled efficiency in swiftly cutting through thick metals.

Fiber Laser Machines:

For those seeking the pinnacle of cutting prowess, fiber lasers stand as the epitome of strength and speed. With unmatched precision, they effortlessly slice through an array of materials, including glass and ceramics. However, for those seeking optimal solutions without breaking the bank, plasma cutting remains a reliable choice, offering a balance of affordability and performance.

Join us at Boss Tables and revolutionize your cutting capabilities with our diverse range of CNC plasma cutting systems. Experience precision, efficiency, and excellence like never before.

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