CNC plasma cutting tables are commonly used pieces of equipment for cutting heavyweight and thick materials with speed and high efficiency. They are ideal for a variety of manufacturing and construction industry applications. At Boss Tables, we are your premier source for CNC plasma cutting system options of various sizes and capabilities to help enhance your shop’s ability to produce clean, precision cutting results for your customers.

Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma cutting machines generate an electric arc, sending it through a gas and very small opening. As the gas is forced through the opening at very high speed, it acquires the capability to easily cut through metal. Plasma energy, consisting of a high-energy ionized gas is greater than the energy produced from other states of matter. Plasma cutter machines are easier to use than oxyfuel cutters. They also cut shaped pieces, such as those with channels, angles, and tubes, better than oxyfuel cutting.

The heat generated from plasma cutting can reach up to 40,000 °F, making it ideal for cutting metals, including stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum. The cost of plasma tables has wide range, from a few thousand to as high as $300,000.

Waterjet Cutting Machines

For cutting thicker plates in a cost-efficient manner, water jet cutting is ideal. However, plasma cutting is more effective for smaller, fast cuts. For preventing heat-related effects on the material and preserving its quality and integrity, water jet cutting is better than plasma cutting. A water jet machine can cut a wider range of materials, such as plastic, compared to an industrial plasma cutting machine which are primarily used to cut steel and other conductive materials.

Oxyfuel Cutting Machines

Also known as oxygen fuel cutting, oxyfuel cutting also emits gas at high speeds through an extremely small nozzle in order to effectively cut material. There are no electrical currents involved with oxyfuel cutting, giving it greater portability in general than plasma cutters. However, oxyfuel cutting is usually only used to cut materials that include iron, such as carbon steel. Its cuts thick metals faster than plasma cutting machines. However, plasma cutting is the answer if you need to precisely cut aluminum or stainless steel – they are more reliable and produce greater cutting accuracy than oxyfuel cutting machines.

Fiber Lasers

The cost and effectiveness of fiber lasers are higher than plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines. They are stronger and faster cutting systems. The deliver greater precision cuts and can cut through a variety of materials such as glass, ceramics, and other non-metals. However, unless you are able to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, plasma cutting may be your optimal solution.

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