“Next-Level Cutting: Exploring CNC Plasma Technologies” by Boss Tables

We’re excited to share our story and the amazing technology behind our CNC plasma tables. Recently, we teamed up with EPARTRADE’s “RACE INDUSTRY NOW” to talk about what makes our machines stand out.

How It All Began

What We Offer

Looking In The Future

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How It All Began

Our journey started with Travis, our founder, who was working as a power lineman. He built his first CNC plasma table in his garage; driven by the potential he saw in this technology. That garage project quickly grew into Boss Tables. Today, we’ve expanded to total of 50,000-square-feet of facilities in Calmar, Iowa, and we’re still growing, with plans for even more expansion by the end of the year.

What We Offer

At Boss Tables, we create a range of CNC plasma tables suitable for different needs. Whether you’re just starting with entry-level models or need robust machines for heavy industrial applications, we’ve got you covered. Our capabilities include machines for heavy plate work, oxyfuel cutting, CNC routing, pipe cutting, and high-definition cutting. Plus, we’ve recently added new router tables and pipe cutting solutions to our lineup.

Looking to the Future

We’re always looking for ways to improve and grow. We have recently partnered with ATek Automation that will give us the capability for standalone tube cutter, bevel cutting, multi-oxyfuel cutting, drilling and machining! We are also exploring laser cutting technology to add to our offerings. Our goal is to keep up with industry trends and continue providing top-quality products that meet our customers’ needs.

Join Us

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and excited about where we’re headed. From a garage startup to a leader in the CNC plasma industry, our journey is all about innovation and dedication. Thanks for being part of the Boss Tables story. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as we keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in CNC plasma technology.

Watch the full Boss Tables webinar below with Travis and Chris as they delve into Boss Tables and showcase the extensive capabilities we bring to the industry.

Boss Tables Webinar

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