Servo and stepper motors are both commonly used in the CNC plasma industry. Each motor has its advantages and disadvantages and the decision between the two depends on the specific requirements and budget stepper and servo motors have. Here are some main differences between the two motors.

Servo Motors:

Servo Motors work on a feedback system. They have an encoder that continuously measures the motor’s actual position and sends this information back to the CNC software system.

When the CNC system gets this feedback, the system can make real-time adjustments to the motor’s operation, making sure its precise positioning. This is considered a closed loop. With this closed loop, it minimizes errors making sure the servo motors are highly accurate even during long distances.

These motors are a preferred choice for operations that demand higher precision and consistent performance such as industrial fabrication and complex artwork or parts that need precise and accurate measurements.

These motors, at a higher speed, can maintain their torque allowing for faster and more dynamic movements. Which is essential when creating complex and intricate designs.

With this ability from the servo motors, it makes them more expensive than the stepper motors.

Stepper Motors:

Stepper motors have high torque at low speed. They move in fixed steps or increments like walking in preplanned small strides. The steps are controlled by the CNC system which makes the motor move precisely from one step to the next. This is considered an open loop.

They can start and stop at specific positions accurately and when at a standstill position, they do not vibrate or pulse.

Stepper motors are suited for tasks that don’t require extremely precise movements.

The servo motors and stepper motors each have their advantages. The stepper motors are simpler and cheaper but cannot be as accurate over longer distances as servo motors can be. Stepper motors are great for basic cutting tasks and can hold their position with high torque.

Servos are more accurate and give better performance during vibrant movements. They are more of the preferred choice but come with a higher cost. Ultimately the choice between the two relies on what a person is wanting to spend and the requirements that the operation needs from a CNC plasma table.

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