Oxy Fuel Cutting Accessory: What it can do for you?

In metal fabrication, the oxyfuel cutting stands out as a very useful accessory. Oxy enhances the capabilities of CNC plasma cutting systems. This accessory integrates seamlessly into CNC plasma tables, that use oxygen and fuel gas to generate a high-temperature flame, enabling accurate cutting through thick materials. In this blog, we will talk about the advantages of having an oxyfuel accessory.

What is Oxyfuel?

Oxyfuel, short for oxygen-fuel, refers to a cutting or welding process that utilizes a combination of oxygen and a fuel gas, typically acetylene or propylene/propane, to produce a high-temperature flame for various industrial applications. In oxyfuel cutting, the intense heat resulting from the combustion of oxygen and fuel gas directs onto the workpiece, melting the metal and blowing it away with a stream of oxygen. Industries commonly use this process for cutting thick metal plates or shapes, as well as for welding, brazing, and heating applications in metal fabrication, construction, and other industries.

Ability To Cut Thick Materials:

What sets oxyfuel apart is its ability to cut through thicker materials that a plasma cutter would not be able to achieve. Fabricators can tackle thicker materials that would pose significant challenges. Unlike some plasma cutters that rely on three-phase power, oxyfuel cutting can achieve impressive results even when running on a single-phase machine, ensuring accessibility for a wider range of fabricators regardless of their power supply limitations.


The versatility offered by oxyfuel accessory is unmatched. You can easily switch between plasma and oxyfuel cutting modes. CNC plasma tables that are equipped with this accessory, allow fabricators to handle diverse projects without the need for multiple cutting systems. Whether it’s slicing through thin sheets or cutting hefty metal plates, oxyfuel-equipped CNC plasma tables rise to the occasion with precision and efficiency.


Efficiency lies at the heart of oxyfuel. Particularly at handling thicker materials. It reduces processing time, streamlining the workflow, and enhancing overall productivity. By integrating oxyfuel capabilities into CNC plasma tables, fabricators can meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality, all while optimizing resource utilization and minimizing production costs.

Cost Efficiency:

Speaking of costs, oxyfuel cutting proves to be an economical solution for fabricators. Compared to alternative methods for cutting thicker materials, oxyfuel cutting offers significant cost savings without compromising on performance. Investing in a CNC plasma table with an oxyfuel attachment not only maximizes output and profitability but also future-proofs fabricators against rising operational expenses.

In conclusion, oxyfuel is a standout accessory. With enhanced cutting capabilities, unmatched versatility, improved efficiency, and cost savings, oxyfuel on CNC plasma tables pave the way for a future where fabricators can push the boundaries of what’s possible. And with the added advantage of being able to operate efficiently on single-phase power systems, oxyfuel cutting opens doors to fabricators regardless of their power supply constraints.

If you’re interested in oxyfuel or want more information, give Boss Tables a call. They will guide you through the possibilities. Discover how their oxyfuel setup can enhance your cutting capabilities, therefore allowing you to slice through materials up to 8-inches thick and pierce effortlessly at 2-inch depths. Reach out to Boss Tables today for assistance! 563-380-1535.

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