What Does a Rotary Accessory Do?

A rotary accessory on a CNC plasma table is an essential tool designed to hold and rotate cylindrical or tubular objects during cutting, thereby enabling 3D rotary cutting. This functionality allows for the fabrication of intricate shapes and designs on cylindrical parts. Let’s take a dive into the capabilities of this accessory on a CNC plasma table.

What is a Rotary Accessory?

Mounted securely onto the CNC table, a rotary accessory facilitates the machining of cylindrical workpieces by enabling controlled rotation during cutting or engraving processes. As the workpiece rotates, the plasma torch or engraving tool moves along its length, creating precise cuts or markings with uniformity. This versatile tool expands the capabilities of the CNC plasma table, enabling intricate designs and detailed work on cylindrical surfaces with ease and accuracy.

Key Features and Applications:

Cylindrical Cutting

3d Engraving

Weld Preparations

Artistic Applications

Efficient Batch Production

Uniformity In Cutting

Cylindrical Cutting:

The primary function of the rotary accessory is to cut and engrave cylindrical or tubular objects. This ensures even and accurate cutting around the circumference.

3D Engraving:

With this accessory, a CNC plasma table can perform 3D engraving (scribe accessory) on cylindrical surfaces, therefore ideal for adding intricate designs, logos, or text.

Weld Preparations:

In industries requiring welded joints on cylindrical structures, the rotary accessory prepares edges for welding, assuring precise fits during assembly.

 Artistic Applications:

Rotary cutting opens new possibilities for artistic and decorative applications. This allows custom designs on items like petal pipes or sculptures.

Efficient Batch Production:

Rotary cutting facilitates consecutive cutting of multiple identical objects. As a result, is enhances efficiency in batch production.

Uniformity in Cutting:

The rotary ensures uniformity in cutting around the entire circumference of cylindrical pieces. Which is crucial for applications requiring precise and consistent cuts.

By incorporating a rotary accessory, manufacturers can extend the functionality of their CNC plasma table beyond flat sheet cutting, enhancing versatility, and enabling a broader range of applications in metal fabrication, manufacturing, and artistic design industries. If you’re interested in rotary accessory on your Boss PRO or HD models, or wanting more information, give Boss Tables a call. They will guide you through the possibilities.

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