Features & Benefits of a CNC Plasma Cutting Table:

CNC plasma cutting automates the process of machining and delivers cutting work that is precise and consistent in an efficient manner. Plasma cutting is considered by many as more precise and efficient than water jet or oxyfuel cutting. At Boss Tables, we offer various affordable CNC plasma cutting table options that enable our customers to perform high efficiency cutting for various industrial requirements. Lets take a look at what some of those features and benefits are.

Cutting Guides:

For higher precision cuts, cutting guides are essential. They are provided for various types of cuts, including lines, circles, and more.

Height Control:

Automated height control technology is a feature of CNC plasma cutting tables that enables proper pierce and cutting heights.

Air Filters:

Air filtration included with a CNC plasma cutting system is an effective component that removes moisture and impurities that may damage the cutting torch and result in poor cuts.


The gantry on a plasma cutter creates an X-Y coordinate arrangement that facilitates the horizontal movement of the torch. It is either pedestal or floor mounted and includes a heavy-duty rail system.


Many plasma cutters include built-in software programs that include shape libraries. Other software is also available for the creation of customized designs. The software included with CNC plasma cutters can include CAD (Computer Aided Design) software that helps you draw the parts, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software that allows you to set up the tool path requirements which instruct the machine what to do and how. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine software takes the tool path information and imports it as G-code which the machine uses to execute the cuts.

Water Table or Downdraft Table:

A CNC plasma cutting system may feature either a water table or downdraft table to control and remove damage smoke and fumes that result from the cutting process.

Cutting Power:

The power of a CNC plasma cutting system enables the cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous pieces up to a 2-1/2 inch thickness. This type of cutting power significantly benefits fabricating shops that handle challenging industrial requirements.


CNC plasma cutting tables are easy to use, operating with high efficiency, with some able to cut as fast as 200 inches per minute on steel or metal, compared to about 15 inches per minute for water jet cutters.

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