Hypertherm Powermax cnc plasma cutters are powerful and versatile plasma cutting systems. These cnc plasma cutters are easy to set up and use. However, it is important to follow the operator manual and illustrated labels on the system, including all safety instructions. It is also crucial for operators to completely understand and employ methods to prevent against electrical shock and protect the eyes, ears, skin, and lungs. At Boss Tables, we are your source for an array of Hypertherm Powermax CNC Plasma Cutter models that offer varying capabilities.

Powermax plasma cutters provide a 2-in-1 design. They are designed for the use of standard consumables for the high power cutting of thick metals and also for thin, detailed metal cutting with the use of fine cut consumables.

 Plasma Cutter Setup

  1. Verify the torch consumable installation or replace them based on the incoming power.
  2. Plug the device into the correct receptacle, which in some cases based on the model may require the attachment of a plug adapter.
  3. Set the amperage knob to the required output according to the breaker size and incoming power.
  4. On the gas hose, pull back the quick release collar and attach it to the quick, disconnect fitting. If you find the fitting does not match the hose collar, then install the correct fitting. The gas may be compressed air, bottled air, or bottled nitrogen. The air must be filtered to eliminate all oil, dirt, and water.
  5. Connect the work clamp firmly to the workpiece. It is important to remove all paint, coatings, and rust to ensure the clamp offers a sufficient electrical contact.
  6. Turn the system power on.

Cutting Operations

When using a Hypertherm Powermax CNC plasma cutter to cut thin metal, you may reduce the amperage on the device to enhance cut quality, increase consumable life, and produce less smoke.

You can execute an edge start by first holding the torch in the vertical position and somewhat off the edge of the workpiece. Move the safety trigger to the forward position and then press the red torch trigger. When you reach the edge, pause until the arc has cut through the workpiece completely. Then move forward with the cut.

The fine cut nozzle with standard shield may be dragged along the workpiece for ease of cutting. When you come to the end of a cut on thick metal, set the torch on an angle in the direction of the cut, letting the arc exit first to enable a thorough, complete cut.

One of the keys to a successful cut is maintaining proper travel speed. Observe the arc under the plate. The sparks produced should lag behind the cut by about 15 to 30 degrees.

You can use the Powermax for piercing and gouging applications as well. If you want greater control by moving the torch as a slower speed, lower the amperage.

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